Elementary School



Our Elementary School serves students from PreKindergarten through Grade 5 with one class in PreK and two classes each in Grades K-5.

Classes in our elementary school average 18 students with an aide in each PreK and Kindergarten class and one aide for both 1st grade classes.  Each day students attend one resource instruction class such as PE, Technology, Music, Library, and Art.  Religion class is taught daily and  Spanish class begins in 4th grade.  All students attend Mass each Thursday with a different class preparing and leading every other week.

All elementary students participate in our guided reading program.  This program allows the student to work in a small group setting with classmates reading on the same instructional level. Students work on their specific challenges while being taught reading strategies.

We do not participate in SOL testing.  Our students in Grades 2-8 are assessed through the Performance Series program in September, February and May.  This Math and Reading assessment provides the teachers and parents the feedback necessary to see proper progression throughout their school years.