Faith and Academics

Our Curriculum

Our Lady of Lourdes School follows the Diocese of Richmond Consensus Curriculum for each subject area. The diocesan directives are broad based and are in no way to be confused with the public school SOL’s.  Developing our students faith is at the core of all that we do.  With this objective, we incorporate faith building into every subject area in addition to daily religious instruction.

The school maintains high expectations on all grade levels while recognizing individual differences and learning styles. An advanced curriculum is offered while providing differentiated instruction with flexible ability grouping for all students.

Our Faith Education

Christian formation is an integral part of the classroom designed to help the student in their spiritual life.  We use the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies to teach a variety of age-appropriate topics based on the Sunday Gospels.

Prayer is an essential part of each school day.  All students, along with many parents, grandparents, parishioners and Sisters, attend and help lead Mass each week at our parish church located directly beside the school.  During important dates of the church calendar, students engage in celebrations and activities that help them learn about the virtuous lives of saints and the life of Jesus Christ.

Our Elementary School

Our Elementary School serves students from PreKindergarten through Grade 5 with one class in PreK and two classes each in Grades K-5.

Classes in our elementary school average 18 students with an aide in each PreK and Kindergarten class and one aide for both 1st grade classes.  Each day students attend one resource instruction class such as PE, Technology, Music, Library, and Art.  Religion class is taught daily and  Spanish class begins in 4th grade.  All students attend Mass each Thursday with a different class preparing and leading every other week.

All elementary students participate in our guided reading program.  This program allows the student to work in a small group setting with classmates reading on the same instructional level. Students work on their specific challenges while being taught reading strategies.

We do not participate in SOL testing.  Our students in Grades 2-8 are assessed through the Performance Series program in September, February and May.  This Math and Reading assessment provides the teachers and parents the feedback necessary to see proper progression throughout their school years.

Our Middle School

Our Middle School serves students in Grades 6-8 with an average of 20 students per class.  Each day students follow a block schedule with an emphasis placed on religion and values as a benchmark for daily living.  To best prepare our students, we offer many electives including STEM, Spanish I & II, Journalism, Coding, Advanced PE, Advanced Art, and Music.  Students may graduate from Lourdes with up to 6 total high school credits in the following areas: Earth Science, World History, Spanish I, Spanish II, Algebra I, and Geometry. Our middle school students are required to take semester exams in December and May.

Our Lady of Lourdes’ Middle School students must also complete 20 hours of community service each school year. They receive instruction in the Catholic religion, practice being leaders of the community, engage in public speaking, and undertake team building.

We do not participate in SOL testing.  Performance Series testing program takes place three times a year and over time, these tests provide a longitudinal view of student growth in Reading and Math.

Of our past 8th grade students that apply to a Governor’s, private, or specialty center, 98% are accepted. We are exceptionally proud of every student graduating from Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School and always look forward to hearing about their many successes to come.